Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott is about six months into her pregnancy and is due to give birth to her first child, a girl, in July. At this point, you'd think she'd have already decided on a name, but no dice. Scott has revealed she and hubby Chris Tyrrell don't have the name picked out just yet, but they are open to suggestions.

While her bandmate Charles Kelley likes "Charlotte" and jokes that Dave Hayood likes flowery monikers like "Daffodil" and "Daisy," Scott confessed she and Tyrrell have a list of contenders, but they are not completely committed to any of them.

"Honestly we cannot pick one," she said.

So the couple has two plans. One is to wait to meet the baby when she makes her grand entrance and decide then. Scott said, "So I think we might just have to wait until she’s here and we get to hold her and maybe she’ll tell us what her name is when she gets here.”

Or you can assist! "Any suggestions are greatly appreciated," the singer said.

She also says she feels the baby-without-a-name move "later on in the day" and that she responds to her daddy's voice already! "But she reacts to Chris’ voice right now, which is really sweet," the mama-to-be gushed. "He’ll be talking to her and you’ll see her kick and that’s really cool because her hearing is starting to really come in clearly and develop more and more each week."

Can we get an "Aw!?"

Scott has been educating herself about motherhood and babies thanks to a plethora of apps. "I have like five apps on my phone that tell me different things like they compare the baby to a fruit or a vegetable each week," she said. "It’s really funny. But she has been kicking a lot and I told Chris, 'I’ll let you know if there’s any kind of certain pattern because if she’s kicking in a certain pattern she’s gonna be a drummer like you.'”

Chances are, this baby will have some serious musical talent, given her DNA!

What do you think Hillary Scott should name her daughter?