It seems Central Texas was a very nice place to live 15,500 years ago.

Some of my earliest memories include walking through my Grandfathers fields looking for arrowheads. I would visit every other weekend and it's one of the few times I ever looked forward to being outdoors.

When I first started doing this we would find a lot. And of course the numbers would drop off each year. Combine that with puberty and the search for history just went away. Sadly, so did Grandpa.

For some people, the love of discovering history in the dirt turns into a career. Some of those people are hanging out in the Salado area, and the discovery that they've found just might change the history books.

KWTX is reporting that a stone spear points were found at a site outside of Salado. They just might be the oldest weapons ever found in North America.

Texas A&M University researchers say the points are 15,500 years old, predating the Clovis, who, for decades, were believed to be the first people to have entered the Americas.

It makes my migration to Central Texas 16 years ago seem somehow miniscule. I also have yet to bury a weapon to mark my existence. No worries, I'm sure I tossed a few batteries in the trash last week. They'll still be around 16,000 years from now. Sweet.

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