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Supremely talented singer Holly Williams performed her killer song 'Drinkin'' exclusively for us.

Cradling her acoustic guitar and wearing her emotion on her face, Williams, whose song is slightly Americana, a little twangy and incredibly lived-in, played with the type of passion and sincerity that could move a mountain with a single note.

In our sit down chat with her, Williams talked about her writing process. She said songs sometimes land in her lap. In fact, 'Drinkin'' came to her during a VERY mundane chore that we all do every day. Find out what it was and how she stumbled upon it.

Williams also discussed seeking out those precious quiet moments in life, which open you up to inspiration. She also revealed which artists she would like to collaborate with. The majority of artists on her wishlist were country acts, but she did namecheck one pop diva with a huge voice. Watch and learn who she'd like to team up with!

Williams also revealed her fashion staples and her style uniform while on the road -- she's mainly sporting boots and jeans, and she even shared which brands she prefers.

So take a few minutes and get to know Holly Williams.

Watch PopCrush Exclusive Interview With Holly Williams

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