A Halloween decoration that's been in one Texans yard for 10 years is now causing serious trouble in a Houston Suburb.

KPRC reports that the photo of a scarecrow shared on social media has one member of the Katy, Texas community in hot water. The homeowner is named by KPRC simply as "Roderick" and says he's received death threats this October over a decoration be built out of yoga mats and PVC pipe nearly 10 years ago.

He told KPRC, "I'm dealing with murder threats, drive-bys and house burning threats. I like trying to be scary...but yeah, not anymore, no more Halloween celebrations."

The scarecrow is wearing black baseball gloves, which from afar, does make this decoration look pretty bad. Roderick said people have been taking photos with the scarecrow for years without issue.

The photo that sparked the outrage was originally posted to social media by a man named Thomas Haley. This post has since been removed or made private. Several of Roderick's neighbors came to his defense in that post saying of Roderick, "Doesn't have a racist bone in his body. Trying to make something out of nothing."

KPRC reports that Haley was visiting the house as part of his pest control route when he took the photo and posted it online. Roderick told KPRC, "He just did whatever he thinks is right. Whoever's got hate in their heart, God bless you. Get better, and learn to trust your neighbor. Worlds never going to get better without it."

Photo from KCRP video embed - Halloween Decoration
Photo from KCRP video embed - Halloween Decoration

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