Porch pirates got a stinky surprise after one crafty homeowner repackaged their delivery boxes with poop.

As reported by KUTV, Josh Blumental has been keeping a tally of how many packages have been taken from his front porch.

“I’m at 114 packages. Number 113 got taken over the weekend, and 114’s coming up soon," Blumental told the media outlet.

While Blumental has security cameras in place, they have not deterred thieves from swiping his deliveries.

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The video cameras have captured nearly every instance a package has been taken.

“They drive up on the curb. They park here. They get out. They have drivers. They get out, grab it and run,” Blumental explained.

However, thanks to his revenge plot,
Blumental is no longer so concerned about his packages.

“I literally empty out the cat box straight into the box. The litter, poop, everything just into a box, tape it up, put a label on it, and put it out," he shared.

Blumental owns two cats and a dog who are happy to help.

“Might as well put it in the box and have some fun with it,” he joked.

Some of Blumental's videos are even currently going viral on Twitter. Watch below:

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