A teenager in Canada used the Hot Chicken Wings explanation when busted driving 105 miles per hour. “Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom” was not a valid excuse, in fact, the officer said there is no excuse for anyone to drive that speed. I hate to admit that I have had several speeding tickets. Just recently I had a horrid incident where I very much was speeding and I should have just found a restroom. Instead, I wanted to get home ASAP. I did make it home, but I barely made it up the stairs to get to the restroom. I can empathize with this teenager who desperately needed potty time after he ate a bunch of wings. What I can't understand is why the teenager would think that going 105 miles per hour would be acceptable. Operation Brown will happen if you have to hit the breaks really quick or even worse imagine the mess of a car accident! The teenager has been fined $966 for speeding plus $203 for driving without a supervising driver.

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