Charming Charlie is the latest retail store to announce it will be permanently shutting its doors. The women's retailer will close all their stores by the end of August, Dallas News reports.

This comes after they filed their second bankruptcy in as many years. Stores have been closing left and right all over, with just 35 remaining in Texas.

This hits close to home for me. A few years ago, this girl I liked worked at the Charming Charlie in Georgetown. So I'd go in with some B.S. reason (pretty sure it was "shopping for my little sister's birthday") which not only gave me an excuse to talk to this girl, but made me sound like the sweet older brother I am.

We had a nice little conversation, BUT I didn't ask her out at the time.

A week or so later I went back (can't remember what my "reason" was that time) and shot my shot. We went out for about a month. Totally worth it!

Maybe you have a Charming Charlie tale to share. Let us know in the comments. Could be the time you single handily stopped a heist, or could be you found the perfect scarf... wait, they sell scarves there, right?

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