Hats off to these high school kids who put their time and effort into something other than a video game or a TikTok video.

As reported by KCEN, a group of high school kids at Kingwood Park High School found more to do in life than most kids their age, doing something good for others. In this case it was helping to build a 209-square-foot tiny home that was donated to U.S. Marine Corps veteran Edward Rodriguez.

The tiny home is the second unit built for a homeless veteran.

These tiny homes come complete with a bed, dining table, chairs and cabinets and were built by architecture and engineering students at KPHS through the Students Helping Veterans: Big Heroes, Tiny Homes project.

KPHS senior Parker Ryan says, “We hope to make these for years to come. Being able to pick up a veteran off the street and give him a home to live in and grow is just amazing to me.”

Edward Rodriguez is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who suffered a stroke two years ago. “It totally upended my life. I lost my house, my job and found myself in need," he told KHOU-TV. "I’d always been independent, a marine, the hero, do things by myself, and then I found myself humbled, so to speak.”

 C.J. Schoettlin, a student that also worked on the tiny homes says, “At the end of the day we are just kids trying to give back.”

What a great project and a great way to show gratitude for those that served to protect our freedoms.

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