Cameras parents purchased to protect their children ended up opening their private lives to the sicko perverts of the Internet world.

In Houston, a mother had her worst nightmare come true. She realized that the web cam she purchased to help watch over her children to keep them safe, had been hacked. She soon discovered her daughters' room was being watched, live, by thousands of people online.

According to ABC News, the mother of three, Jennifer, who asked that ABC News not use her last name said:

We have security cameras to protect them. I feel like I've failed. People are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing.

It seems she found out via Facebook. A mother in Oregon started posting a picture of the bedroom on groups in Facebook, trying to find the family, and warn them what was going on.

Jennifer had changed her Wi-Fi password, but hackers were able to get in via a video game her kids were playing.