What the hell is wrong with people?

This story is so outrageous, so wrong in every way that OF COURSE a large metropolitan newspaper picked it up and sent it out all over the world. Thank you New York Daily News!

Can you blame them? This deserves the attention it's getting. This teacher should never be allowed in a school again. And that's the least she should be worried about under the felony charges she's facing.

Let's give credit where credit is due. It happened in Houston at Landis Elementary in the Alief ISD. The teacher was 48-year-old Lisa Allison who was caught on camera in an altercation with a second-grader.

She allegedly told the boy she was "tired of him" before she sat on him. He's probably tired of your big ass, Lisa!

And it's not like Alief is a poor school district who can't hire good teachers. They have this new Career Center:

Seems like Ms. Allison ought to re-enroll and learn a new skill for her new career. Or maybe she'll learn how to make license plates where she might be going.