Scams in Texas are always frustrating. They target the most vulnerable, and the people who profit off them take so much from the victim they find - not only money, but dignity. A grift recently pulled in Houston, Texas used what is called a "sweetheart scam."

The FBI has more details regarding these cons, which you read about here. But the gist of this kind of swindling is to fake a romantic connection with someone. This then will lead the fraudster to ask for various items from the victim, such as money or other valuable items.

What makes this case particularly tragic is that, according to police, three people took advantage of an elderly Texan and got quite a good chunk of money out of it - over $100,000.

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The Scam Detailed And The Individuals Responsible

KHOU 11 has the full details of the story:

Last summer, three women allegedly convinced the victim that they were a single 22-year-old woman interested in marrying him. Police say they asked the man for money to pay rent, buy a vehicle, and even start a business.

Here's a really sickening details. Investigators say the alleged scammers went so far as to convince the victim that the person he thought he was communicating with had cancer.

According to their report, the scam went on for about a year until an anonymous tip was submitted to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. An investigation began into the individuals who are alleged to have taken the money from the unidentified victim.

The three individuals that stand accused of scam are Savannah Bimbo, Jessica Bimbo, and Sue Allen Stanley.

No, I'm not making those names up. Two of the alleged scammers are named "Bimbo". Make of that what you will.


Prosecutor Sheila Hansel told KHOU that as people get older, they get lonely and want to feel needed and desired, but we can't let those feelings overwhelm our common sense.

Thanks to whoever submitted that anonymous tip. It's incredibly sad to see one of our elders preyed upon.

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