So, this is entertaining. I thought it would be fun to see how defines me, and the result was indeed rather humorous.

After reading how Belton and Harker Heights were defined, I typed my name, 'Mandee' into the search bar and what I got surprised me. It's a surprising long definition:

"Noun: (Not to be confused with a banal “Mandy”…among other things, two consecutive e’s are always better than one lonely y.)The spelling of Mandee is said to come from a mishmash of words: the original one-deelight-deelicious-deevious- and deevoted. All the hottest dee words around come together without explanation with the more common and absolutely ordinary version “Mandy” to form “Mandee” the most f---in’ boss chica around.If she were a different creature, she would have similar characteristics to a manatee. She would be a nice little animal thing that swims around and is cool and gentle and harmless. But that’s where the similarities would end.

Tourist #1: “Wow!, is that a manatee?”
Oceanographer: “No!…No way, that effortless creature is way too beautiful to be a fat ugly manatee… that right there is a Mandee!”
Tourist #2: “Yeah….she must work out.”
Oceanographer: “They do, and they’re very smart too…but sadly, much like the manatee, “Mandee’s” also get f---ed up by boats going way too fast”
Tourist #2: “Stupid boats”
Oceanographer: “Yep, it’s a real shame”
Tourist #1: “I mean c’mon, haven’t they heard of the phrase Festina lente"

I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. What makes this even funnier is that 20 years before someone wrote this definition I was studying Oceanography as part of projects class. During that segment, we were partnered up with anther classmate and chose an animal to study. Guess which one my partner and I chose? No kidding, the manatee.

 We actually built a life-size baby manatee out of papier mache over several weeks. That was one of the most ambitious art projects I have ever taken on. That thing was about five feet long and 3 feet wide. It was massive. We were lucky the art teacher liked us.

 Check out this video which shows manatees in their natural habitat.