How much change is inside Hadley's Folgers Coffee can?

Well, a couple weeks ago we all took a guess at how fast Hadley was going when she got a speeding ticket and we gave the person who guessed the exact speed a pair of Hurricane Harbor Passes.

Today, Hadley told us she had a giant coffee can full of change that she needed to take over to the bank so we thought let's have listeners try to guess how much money she had. Pennies, dimes, nickels, and 1 washer later, the video above shows the exact total.

When I first saw the coffee can I guessed it had about $30 bucks worth of change in it because I mostly saw pennies and nickels. Turns out all the quarters sank to the bottom and she had almost DOUBLE the amount of money I thought she would have. Check out the grand total in the video, and thanks to everyone who had fun making guesses on the afternoon show today! The final total $59.81.

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