There is no debate about this one, now is the time we pay you for doing well in school, or at least finishing, get those graduation invites in the mail, so you can get money in return. It's Graduation Season, I’m talking High School and College.  Kindergarten grads I may take you out for ice cream, but you are not getting any money outta me!

So how much money should you give as a graduation gift these days?  According to a new survey, from, people give an average of $111 for a high school graduation, $243 for a college graduation, and $256 for a grad school graduation.  What’s with the funky figures, $111 ?   Why isn’t the average for high school plain old $100?

Anyway that is too rich for my blood.   For my friends kids, they were lucky if they got $25 from me, and College, for my friends kids,  fugettabout it.  Maybe if I had Taylor Swift money, I could contribute,  I just sent them a card and wished them well.

I felt kind of bad because the survey also found the average undergrad now finishes school with around $14,000 in debt.

So what did you give your child for graduating? And what about your friends kids?

What about the ones you haven’t seen since they were 2, did you give them anything?  You guessed right they got NOTHING from Me!