I thought it was just machines at gas stations that got hacked. Turns out nope.

The lengths people go to steal from you really is amazing. Now I see that they've built special devices to steal you ATM info from the drive up bank machines.

What is the solution? When I was a younger man I was all for taking a thief, once a week, to the center of town and shooting them in the head. Now that I'm older I know that extreme reaction will still not deter people from stealing from each other. It seems to be human nature to show off and prove you're smarter than others. And if you can show off and make a profit, well that's just the best ever.

So, just be safe. When you pull up to the gas machines, or now, the ATM machines, take a moment and tug on the devices to see if they've been tampered with. And as you can see from this video. They're doing it all over the world.

So remember to tug the card reader, and look for pinhole cameras before you use the ATM machine.

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