The Houston Chronicle came out with a list of how all the professional Texas teams got their names. Some might surprise you.

The Houston Rockets: You'd think the Rockets got their name on account of Houston is the home of NASA, but actually the team kept the name when they moved from San Diego in 1971.

The Houston Astros: The Astros, on the other hand, got their name because team president Roy Hofheinz realized having a space-themed name was logical for the city.

The Houston Texans: With the Oilers leaving for Tennessee the city of Houston asked the public what their next professional football team should be named. With a handful of finalists team president Bob McNair choose the Texans.

San Antonio Spurs: Another name-the-team contest selection. Plus the team president was from Spur, Texas.

Dallas Mavericks: Name-the-team contest winner.

The Texas Rangers: Named after the Minor Leauge team the Dallas Rangers.

The Dallas Cowboys: America's team originally was going to go by the Dallas Rangers, but the Minor League team mentioned above already had the name, so they went with Cowboys. They made the right call.

Hey, you now have some extra trivia knowledge. Please use this power responsibly.

Thomas Rhett Flyaway
Thomas Rhett Flyaway

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