Patty Wesner, minding her own business, driving to work, in upstate New York on Route 22 near Salem when a Brinks truck passed her on a bumpy country road.  First, a box of change flew out. Patty says,  "He then hit a second bump and dollar bills just flew out of the back of the truck". Patty dutifully gathered up the money, 11-thousand dollars in ones, and 50 dollars in pennies, she called 9-1-1 and waited for police.  If she had left with the money, no one would have known.  Patty said there was nobody out there, no houses, just fields on either side.  The driver did not even know what happened.

Patty said she never thought about keeping it, not a single dollar, even though she could use it.  Patty and her husband have four children, A daughter, a son in college, another in Afghanistan and a 26 year old son who's disabled.  Patty works for a non-profit and said everybody could use money like that, but believes most would do exactly what she did.

Brink's, Inc. announced Wednesday they will give Patty  $2,500 for returning the money.

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