All right, I admit it. I did play in the mud when I was a kid.  I played in the mud when I was a teenager.   Then I stopped. It was hell getting all that mud out of my AFRO!


For the past 27 years, Wayne County, Michigan has turned one of their parks into a mud pit for kids 12 and under. The parks people spend about a week making the mud pit.  They mixed about 200 tons of topsoil with 20 thousand gallons of water. And then, it rained on the whole thing, making it the best mud pit ever!




The kids had mud races, did the limbo, and just mud swam in the stuff.   The muddiest kids won the titles of Mud Queen and King.


When it was over, the kids became a training exercise. They did not have to climb into cars and go home all dirty. The local HAZMAT Response team came in and cleaned them up. That counts as a monthly training day. The HAZMAT team leader says cleaning the mud is worse than cleaning off chemicals, because the mud is "sticky, yicky and gooey."


And that is exactly why kids like it!




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