Antonio Basco lost his wife in the El Paso shooting tragedy back on August 3rd. When it came time for Margie Reckard's funeral he issued an open invitation to anyone who wanted to stand with him at her memorial.

Antonio and Margie did not have family members in the area and he was afraid he would be standing alone during an incredibly sad and difficult time. He issued an open invitation hoping El Paso residents and other survivors of the shooting might come and stand with him for Margie's funeral. Boy did they ever... reports that hundreds of people took Antonio up on his offer to stand at Margie's funeral in support of the victims of the El Paso shooting and in support for their community. So many people responded to Antonio's request for support that the funeral home had to change venues due to all the flowers that started showing up for Margie in the days before the service.


The song "Amor Eterno" has become an anthem in the city of El Paso. It was performed at Margie's funeral and sang by so many of the guests in attendance. The translated lyrics say, "How I wish that you still lived, that your precious eyes had never closed so that I could see them now."

When Antonio Basco spoke to the media says he told them, "My life is not complete no more." As he looked out at the crowd which reported as nearly 3000 people, Antonio said that was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He said Margie loved El Paso and that she would have loved seeing the people stand in support of each other.





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