Two North Texans who survived the freeze of February 2021 are now in Washington D.C. on a hunger strike in hopes to pressure President Biden to stick to his campaign promises on the environment.

The arctic freeze last February certainly left its mark on many of us who lived through it. It was the kind of thing many Texans had never faced before and will hopefully never have to face again.

The "freeze", as it's now known, exposed the major weaknesses of the Texas Grid and has since seen Texas lawmakers work to find ways to prevent a repeat of that disaster from ever happening again.

Many individuals are also finding ways to express their concerns, some even going to the extreme.

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Texas Monthly reports that Kidus Girma and Julia Paramo, who are members a national climate advocacy group called the Sunrise Movement, both survived the freeze in a North Dallas suburb and are now in Washington D.C. on a hunger strike with other members of the movement. The "Hunger Strike 4 Climate Justice" has been going on since October 19.

Many people think that because of climate change we'll be seeing more and more winters like the one we saw in February of this year. President Biden campaigned on climate change issues, and this group wants to see him live up to his promises. Biden had said that he would establish a Civilian Climate Corps that promised to provide green jobs for thousands of Americans, among other things.

The hunger strike has taken a toll on some of the people participating, including Girma, who was admitted into the hospital for a brief stay but has since returned.

Doctors show up three times a day to check on those still striking, and there are Sunrise volunteers who assist the strikers as well.

The strike has gotten the attention of several Democrats, who have stopped to visit the strikers.

The good news for these strikers is that the White House has released the framework  for the reconciliation package. The strikers are reviewing the details to see if it met their demands or not.





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