Hunter Hayes is emerging with his own unique style. The 'Wanted' singer often pairs sneakers with suits at red carpet events, but it works for him since his take on that trend is young and fresh, and his combinations manage to be youthful without being sloppy. He modernizes the notion of suit-like separates with cool colors and kicks, and you can get his look easily and for around $200.

Even better, it's only comprised of four key pieces, so you can manufacture this look on the quick -- no long shopping sessions at the mall required!

Grab a basic blazer at Zara in a navy blue hue for $79, which can be worn repeatedly to work, semi-casual functions or other dressy events you may be forced to attend with your partner.

Dickies pants often have flattering cuts and slimmer fits, so grab a black pair for this look. You'll be comfortable and stylish and for just about $30.

A checked, Gingham shirt from Old Navy breaks up the solidness of the dark separates, furthering this look's youthful appeal. It'll only set you back by $30, and has multiple wear possibilities outside of this look -- like with dark rinse jeans. That's just a style suggestion to help maximize your options!

Slip on a pair of eggplant-colored Converse at $50 for another burst of color, and that's all you need to copy Hunter Hayes for around $200.

Basic Blazer, Navy, Zara, $79.
Men's Slim Skinny Fit Pants, Black, Dickies, $29.99
Men's Slim-Fit Gingham Shirt, Blue, Old Navy, $29.94
Chuck Taylor All-Star, Purple Passion, Converse, $50