Ellen DeGeneres was feeling a little sick when Hunter Hayes stopped by her show last week. The Louisiana boy brought some of his home state with him to share how he celebrates Mardi Gras -- with a delicious King Cake.

Guest host Ellie Kemper filled in, so she got to reap the benefits while the funny lady was out sick. Hayes gave a little of his home state flavor to the talk show's fill-in host.

"King cake is like a Mardi Gras thing," the young country singer explains. "That's what you do." All Louisianans know the history behind the King Cake, but Kemper asked for an explanation to understand just what is so special about this tradition.

"When you have a piece, you'll know what's so special about it," Hayes said. "It's a massive doughnut essentially."

He then went on to describe the wonder that is the baby inside of the cake.

"It's got a little plastic baby in it somewhere ... whoever ends up with it has to buy the next King Cake," Hayes revealed.

Of course, Kemper then went on a search for the baby -- with her hands! With Hayes' help, she was able to find the tiny plastic baby. Thanks to the actresses hands, no one actually got to eat the vegan cake, but it was all in good fun.

Hayes ended his time on 'Ellen' by discussing his new song 'Invisible.' "It's a very personal song for me," he shared. On Sunday night, the singer debuted the anti-bullying theme on the 2014 Grammys.