Since Hunter Hayes' self-titled debut album has been so successful, his group of devoted followers (the Hayniacs) have been dying to hear some new tunes. Rest assured, the singer promises that there will be another album, but he's going to take time to make it completely genuine.

Hayes admits that when it comes to recording new music, the process of falling into a routine scares him. “I’m right at the point where it’s part of the routine, you start making your next album, but I don’t want to rush into that process and I don’t want to make it based on a time table and I don’t want to write it based on a schedule or an agenda,” he explains, according to the Country Vibe.

That said, Hayes has been playing around in the studio, but he hasn't recorded anything that's definitely going to make the cut on his next record. For now, he's in the process of experimenting.

“I’m now at the point where I’m experimenting [but] I’m not ready necessarily to go into new record mode because I don’t feel like I am and I don’t want to fake it," he shares. "I don’t want to say that I am and then make a new record that wasn’t whole-hearted."

On his debut album, Hayes had a hand in every aspect of the recording process. The 'Wanted' hitmaker co-wrote every song that appeared on the liner notes, and he played every instrument in the studio. The young singer's hard work earned him a co-producer credit on the album.

That sounds pretty ambitious, but Hayes doesn't plan on backing down from his preferred way of producing an album. He plans to be even more involved in every aspect of cutting his sophomore album. So far, the 21-year-old country singer has written 50 to 60 songs that could make it to his next record, but he says he's not going to rule out the possibility of writing 100 before he starts culling a list of songs for the record.

But don't get excited just yet.

"I still kind of see it a ways off, for the sake of not rushing, for the sake of not doing it the wrong way," Hayes says, explaining why it may be awhile before the next CD is on the shelves. "And so I’m in the studio now doing new music, but I’m experimenting a little bit more and we’ll kind of have to wait to see how that experiment goes -- but I want to try something new.”

One thing that you can definitely add to your 2013 calendar: Hunter Hayes' appearance at the 2013 Taste of Country Music Festival. He'll join big-name acts like Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson, Trace Adkins at more for the inaugural event, which will run June 13-15, 2013 in Hunter Mountain, New York. To buy tickets, click here.