It's looking like it might be getting closer. Imagine zipping along the Texas countryside at 700 mph.

Imagine a 6 minute trip between Dallas & Fort Worth. For someone who isn't from any of those cities, I can't imagine it would take too much time anyway, since they're right next to each other, but I would be wrong. Thanks to tons of traffic, the commute can take up to an hour. So, yes, 6 minutes would be great.

KXAN is reporting that the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council unveiled plans Wednesday morning to explore cutting edge hyperloop technology.

Right now there are two bullet train projects in the works, and they will be connected. The other route talked about would be from Fort Worth to Laredo, with possible stops in Waco, Austin, and San Antonio.

The technology is currently being tested on a full scale track in Nevada. If approved the the Texas Bullet Train would be the first in the Country.

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