There's always something going down on I-35, and today it was a high speed chase.

According to a report from our local news partners at KWTX, a high speed chase that began in Bell county came to a halt in McLennan county.

Officials attempted to pull over a  maroon dually pickup truck when the vehicle began speeding away. Authorities attempted to stop the vehicle with a chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph.

Spike strips were deployed along the chase, and at least one tire from the suspects truck was shredded. Unfortunately during the chase law enforcement did run over the spike strips as well, and several officer's vehicles were left with flat tires.

The suspect is said to have exited the highway a few times during the chase, but did return back on the highway.

Authorities closed two lanes of traffic on I-35 due to the chase. The suspect was apprehended in Waco near the Pilot truck stop that is located near the intersection of S. New Road, and I-35/ Jack Kultgen Fwy.

At this time, the suspect is in custody, but officials have not released a name. Texas is a pretty big state with multiple law agencies, so I'm not sure why this suspect thought it was a good idea to try and flee.

Hopefully traffic will sort itself out, but based on prior experience it will likely be out of sorts till this evening. I definitely wouldn't want to hit I-35 today, and recommend taking the back roads.

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