Last weekend, I was weeding my flower bed when I encountered one of my worst fears, a snake.

I hate snakes. I've heard some people say the only good snake is a dead snake, but I disagree and think they are all bad. I don't like them. I never have, and I'm usually pretty cautious when working in the yard.

I was not as observant over the weekend. Thankfully I had put on my leather gloves, and I was using a metal tool to pry the root of the weeds from the dirt. As I was working toward the metal edge of the bed, I reached with my tool to toss what I thought might be an old snake skin or decaying mulch out of the bed. I only noticed the back end of it that was curled up.

I gently placed my tool under it, and lifted it slowly. When it didn't move, I assumed it was a dead snake. Like I said before, I don't even like the dead ones... so I moved to the flower bed on the opposite side of the sidewalk and abandoned the first bed.

After a few minutes, I glanced over my shoulder to the first bed, and that's when I saw the thing move, and saw it's head. I stood up, moved back onto the front porch and called my mother.

No, my husband was not home when I encountered the snake.

It probably seems like a silly thing to do, but I needed a witness and my husband was working. She knows how terrified I am of these slithering little beasts, and she hates them as well. She suggested I look for a shovel, but there wasn't one handy.

Then, I found the hoe. The snake made a mistake when he moved toward the center of the bed, because I had feared that I would hit the metal edging if he stayed too close it, and maybe not kill him.

I steadied myself, and made my mom stay on the line, I was using headphones, and whacked that sucker's head off, then immediately hit him in the middle of the body, and left the hoe in it.

I then squealed, and ran in the house, and slammed and locked the door. When my husband returned home this is what he found.

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

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