For whatever reason, the rain for the past few days have made me crave Ice Cream Floats.

I have to admit, for the past few months, I've been obsessed with the "Irish" videos.

It started out as The Facts Channel, then it became Try Channel. They're videos on YouTube that feature Irish people trying things.

I could really care less about the things they try, I watch for women. Have yet to see one that's ugly. And oh, so much red hair. Heart be still.

Anyway, weird perversions aside, there was one that fit my cravings of late. They tried a few different ice cream floats.

My favorite is Root Beer. They hate Root Beer. True, I think that the fact that it's got "beer" in the name and it's not beer, might have put them off. Irish after all. One young lady, with the blue striped shirt, makes a claim that she hasn't had ice cream in years.

What? How is that possible? She later claims that she doesn't like the taste of chocolate! WTH!? I didn't think that was possible. A woman who doesn't like chocolate? She needs to be studied in a lab.

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