Two men were hauled off to jail in Houston after their photos appeared on a stolen iPad. Yes, I am talking Selfies that somehow made it to the owner's iCloud account.


Look, they are holding money also allegedly stolen from the victim.




The iPad, other electronics and thousands of dollars were stolen from the victim's truck Jan. 8.  He later noticed his iCloud account had images of the men holding $100 bills.  So the victim put the photos on his Facebook page and asked the public to spread the word and catch these guys.


It worked!


So how did the pictures end up on the cloud?  Some of the stolen items were dumped behind a Starbucks. The victim believes his iPad connected to the Starbucks Wi-Fi and the images synced to his iCloud account.  This story says the suspects did it themselves. We can ask them because they are in jail now!




Apparently they missed lesson 5 in the Thievery Handbook. No taking selfies with stolen merchandise and uploading them to the cloud.