This is not going to help the Illegal Immigrant and Border stories. It seems that an illegal immigrant sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl, who is now pregnant.

Photo courtesy of Hays County Jail

It happened in Kyle, Texas, and, according to KXAN, the affidavit states that Jose Alejandro Najarro (52), asked the little girl to come over to his house to fix his TV this past November. It seems he sat next to her and asked her to touch him. She refused. He then assaulted her.

Najarro is being held in San Marcos under an immigration detainer, as well as the sexual assault charges. The detainer means Homeland has reason to believe Najarro should be removed from the country, or that the department has begun deportation, or removal proceedings.

So to sum up. This guy comes to our country illegally, allegedly impregnates a 12-year-old girl, and his punishment is he’s being sent home? Does he have to stay in is room until he figures out what he did wrong as well?

Central Texas. What should happen to this man if these allegations are true?