When it’s as cold as it’s been around here lately, I like to think warm thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are about my country crush, Jana Kramer.

Given that she’s one of the headliners at this year’s Boots in the Sand, I may kinda sorta be picturing her tanning on a white beach.

Um…anyway, I’m inviting you to my happy place to share in what I think are her top 5 songs!

One of the Boys

Country guys dig tomboys. If a girl can be one of the boys, you know she’s a keeper!

Goodbye California

This one’s all about coming home. We all love to travel and see new places, but it’s always nice to know we’ve got a comfortable place to come back to. That goes double for Texans!

Good Time Comin’ On

This song just captures that TGIF feeling so perfectly! That moment when you finally meet up with all your friends after a long week makes it all worth it.

I Hope It Rains

We’re all guilty of wishing bad things would happen to ex once in a while. It’s only human, right? Just little things!

Why Ya Wanna

I want to say I chose this song because of the catchy chorus and relatable story. That’s part of it of course, but it’s mainly ‘cause Jana peddling a bicycle in a summer dress is adorable.

Don’t judge me.


If you want to see Jana Kramer live in concert and possibly say hi to her on a warm, sunny beach, check out our Tropical Nights Getaway page!