The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and nothing gets you in the mood to celebrate the holiday like a few great Patriotic songs.  I have compiled my top five to share this afternoon.  Keep in mind that my taste is on the fringe of being eclectic and weird.

Coming in at number five is "American Badass" by Kid Rock.  This is just a cool song that exemplifies all that is being American and being proud of the freedoms that we can celebrate because of it.

Number 4 goes back the my country roots and the fact that we really need to remember why we are in an amazing country like ours.  "American Soldier" by Toby Keith does that very well.

At number 3 I have another slightly different song but technically it is the story of an American revolutionary.  "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys is an unconventional storytelling version of a great American Hero.

Now at number two I have one of the greatest songs about America with a cameo of one of the most patriotic of all movies!  I forgot how corny this was until I watched the video before I posted it.  Enjoy a little James Brown, "Living in America" from Rocky 4.

At number one I have Ray Charles.  His version of "America the Beautiful" not only was used on the Fourth of July on "Sandlot" but also is one of the most beautiful songs of all time.  Remember the real reason behind this holiday as you sit back and Bbq this holiday and play in your pool.  Take a moment to thank those that risked their own lives to make yours better.