KWTX is reporting that according to a new study by State Farm, drivers in central Texas are more likely to have a deer-related collision this year than last year.

According to State Farm, the likely-hood of having a deer related accident is up 7% this year. Since many of the deer-related accidents happen between October and the end of the year, the insurance company is spreading the word now.

The good news is that the state of Texas ranks fairly low on the list of states you are likely to hit a deer in. Texas is ranked #38 out of 50 for deer accidents according to the original story.

KWTX and State Farm do mention a couple of tips for drivers this time of year that include slowing down and using caution in areas that are known for deer between dawn and dusk. Another tip is that if you see a deer jump out in front of you in traffic, it's best to stay in your lane of traffic. Swerving often results in making things much worse. Even if you hit the animal, it's recommended you avoid swerving then turn on your hazard lights and move your car to a safe position before calling the police.

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