I know he ain't Country but I could not resist sharing this latest Bob Dylan video with you.   It’s not a new song,  it’s a new video and something I have never seen before. The song is “Like A Rolling Stone”, Dylan's 1965 hit that gave him his first Top 10 single.  The new video, on Dylan’s official website, features an interactive design that allows viewers to switch among 16 cable channels, while people on those channels lipsync the song,  no matter when you switch, it’s in sync.  I was truly amazed.

You can see Drew Carey singing on The Price is Right,  switch to shows like Pawnstars, Fashion In and Out, some talk show guy I never heard of, a tennis tournament on Sports Time, a cartoon cat on Just For Kids, plus a whole lot more.

You control the display with up-down arrows on a keyboard and can switch channels at will, the result of technology developed by the interactive video company Interlude.

I was fascinated! How about you?