The Texas Rangers have initiated an investigation after a unidentified individual, at the time of writing, was chased by police in Killeen, Texas.

Overview Of Details Currently Known

Our news partners at KWTX have the story. Around the time of 2:37 PM on Sunday October 30th, Killeen Police were alerted to carjacking incident at the 3300 block of Veterans Memorial Boulevard. Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble stated in a news conference that the call stated a white car had been robbed at gun point.

Moments later, around 2:45, Police were alerted to the suspect possibly being outside of an Autozone, which was close to where the crime took place. When Law Enforcement arrived, the suspect in question fled the area.

While fleeing, the suspect leapt into a pickup truck, which then led the occupants of that vehicle to flee. Soon after, the suspect left the pickup truck and proceeded to attempt to leave the area once again. The suspect then spotted a police vehicle unattended.

The officer's vehicle, which was unoccupied as they were involved with the foot chase, was left running. The suspect then got into the police vehicle, and then locked himself inside. The suspect then attempted to once again flee the area in the police vehicle, but officers fired their weapons and stopped the chase.

Suspect's Condition

The suspect, as of the time of writing, was treated at the scene after the shooting. He was then airlifted to the hospital, with his condition listed as stable.

While the investigation is ongoing, Kimble commented about the suspect that “On the surface, it looks like we’re dealing with someone who is dealing with mental health issues."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information as it becomes available.'

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