Not only is Halloween good for the Dentist industry, it also is good for the practical jokers union.

I still remember going trick or treating in Surrey North Dakota. It was the 70's so parents

Take your portions and shove them Mr Hershey

let kids go on their own. There was a corner house that had a stuffed dead man who was rigged to "fall" out of the tree when kids came up to get candy. Scared the crap out of me. Other houses did the same, but then this is also the time where people gave out full sized candy bars. Yes kids, there was a time when there was no "Fun Sized" candy. Take your portions and shove them Mr Hershey.

As kids get older, they're more interested in tricking than the treating. If you're looking for a good joke, try coping this one. It seemed to freak out these kids working the drive thru.