Iron Man is the man for me!  I saw the move this weekend and I am smitten…again.  Not with Robert Downey Junior but with Tony Stark.   Remember last week,  we told you about the survey that says more women are willing to go see a superhero movie on a first date?  Iron Man is why.  Forget Superman, even though he is the strongest, he seems too wimpy.  Batman is just too serious.  Spider-Man is too young.   Iron Man is mature, funny, and rich, what could be better than that?


What do you think ladies?  Is Iron Man the superhero for you? If not, who?  Guys, you can get in on this too.  Which superhero would you like to be?

By the way I give Iron Man 3, five outta five stars. It was my favorite of all the Iron Man Movies! Best Parts, Tony's vulnerability, The little boy in Tennessee, and Barrel o Monkey's. 3 D though was really a waste of money.  Save your bucks and just see the standard version.  This will be the last time I fall for the 3 D hype!  But not the last time I fall for Iron Man!