Welcome to the wild, wild world of Florida.

Ever notice that Florida gets a bad rap? I mean they probably deserve most of it, but Florida seems to always have some kind of hair brain cockamamie goof ball out there doing some crazy stuff.

There's even a series of "Florida Man" memes that started back in 2013. I even found a "Florida Man" wiki page that's devoted to telling the story and history of the "Florida Man."

Is it all that sunshine that causes people to do the most ridiculous things?

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Population-wise it is the third largest state in the U.S., with more that 20 million people living the dream , and the stories that come out of Florida are just plan crazy. There're even stories written by major news companies that highlight the stupidity in Florida.

For example:
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Careful - once you go down the Crazy Florida Story rabbit hole, you may find yourself feeling smarter than the average Floridian, or Floridiot as my dad use to say.

Back in March there was a story about a bicyclist that died trying to beat a drawbridge in Miami. As sad as that is, I'm still trying to figure out how a guy on a bike thought he could beat the drawbridge. I liken it to people who try to beat the train at a railroad crossing and lose.

Another crazy story involves a Florida man who was bitten by a shark, punched twice by a monkey, got struck by lightning, and then was bitten by a snake, and somehow lived to tell the story. Crazy right?

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I saw this recent story on FOX44 News' website that, when I read the headline, instantly made me think the car would resemble the General Lee, but it didn't.

A driver in Daytona Beach busted through a traffic arm and crossed a drawbridge as it was opening. Cameras show the SUV going slightly airborne as it crossed. There were no reports of injury or death, but both traffic arms on each side of the bridge were damaged.

Check out the video:

Still would have looked cooler if it was the General Lee!

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