We are in the hottest part of the year and golly it has been hot. There's nothing more appreciated while in the same breath taken for granted than good ol' air conditioning.

The temperature you keep your A/C at can be a controversial subject, especially if you live with multiple people. I've even heard tell of divorces stemming from a two-degree preference difference.

So, if your trying to save a buck while staying cool here are the latest recommendations from Energy Star on consumerreports.org - 78 degrees when you are at home during the day, 82 when you are sleeping, and 85 when you are away and at home.

I know that is way too high for some folks. Some people will keep it in the 60's all summer long. Think about this - you can save about 3% for every degree you go up. 10 degrees lower is a 30% higher bill.

I keep it at just about the recommendations. I adjust for guests, but one the many saving tips in the report is to keep your ceiling fan going because it helps more than you think.

Let us know what temperature you keep your central air conditioning at. In the end, you have A/C, so you're pretty darn lucky.

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