Welcome to this week’s review of Hard Knocks featuring the Dallas Cowboys. This is the 4th episode for this year’s season.

So far, we’ve seen Dak's development, Zeke finally showed up, Parsons has made an impact early, and we’ve gotten a look at the players sitting on the roster bubble. This week puts more finishing touches on training camp as we head into the regular season.


Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
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Dak is Back

Prescott has been on a pitch count during practice to limit the potential of aggravating a shoulder issue he had early in camp. With the regular season fast approaching, the team decided to lift restrictions and allow Prescott to get back to work. He’ll be focusing on continuing to build chemistry and get back to his 2020 form prior to the injury.


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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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Super Cooper


To put it very simply, Amari Cooper looks good. He’s coming off a season riddled with issues and has an unfortunate past of inconsistency. But if Cooper cycles on and off between good years and bad ones, then this one looks to be shaping into a good one. He looks solid on the field and primed for production.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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The Bubble


Dozens of young players reach this week knowing that this is their last opportunity to reach their dreams and make an NFL roster. Unfortunately for some, this will be the last time some of these players ever play professional football.

Players such as Isaac Alarcon, Azur Kamara, and JaQuan Hardy (aka Rec Specs) are right on the bubble, and this episode highlights them against the Jags. We'll get a look at final cuts in the next episode, which is the 5th and final episode of the season.

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