So here I sit.  My instructions seemingly simple.  "Write something".  What?! That's like going up to a comedian and saying "Tell me a joke."

So I stare at the screen.  First article on the website.Will people read this?  Will they judge me based on my first few words?  Do I open my soul through my text or do I remain mysterious?  Do I make insightful views into the human condition or talk about the latest goings on in the Kardashian clan?

Should I delve into the fray of local politics or champion the poor & downtrodden?  Perhaps a humorous, satirical slant on the news?  Nah, Jon Stewart's already got that covered.

Wait!!  I've got it! No, that wasn't it. Rats!

They say just write what you're thinking about, so here goes.

I think I'm going to go get in my pool now.

PC in the studio. Photo by US105