Wendy Moten and Jim Lauderdale seamlessly blend their voices on "Brand New Heart," a track off a forthcoming summer release from blues, country and soul musical collective the Memphis Royal Brothers.

Overseen by producer Boo Mitchell — who hails from a longstanding tradition of Memphis soul — and touched by a variety of talents from various corners of the music industry, "Brand New Heart" runs the risk of a too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen situation. All the more so because the track was co-written by singer-songwriters Wes Hamil and Paul Williams, the latter of whom is the president of publishing company ASCAP.

But rather than get bogged down by ego and different musical direction, the song perfectly blends its diverse crop of influences, with a wide range of talent all working toward conjuring up one simple feeling: The euphoric bliss of new love.

"When Wes Hamil and I wrote 'Brand New Heart,' we thought it was a pretty good song. After a sweet soaking in Royal waters...think soulful, spiritual...think tie-dye...we heard it as another Memphis miracle," Williams says in a statement.

Singers Lauderdale and Moten are an equally unlikely — but gratifying — pairing. Lauderdale is a mainstay of the Americana, roots and bluegrass scene, and as a songwriter, he's written songs for everyone from Blake Shelton to George Strait to Vince Gill and Patty Loveless.

Moten has a Vince Gill connection, too. She's the singer's longtime backing-vocalist-turned-special-guest, and she has toured with artists including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, as well as Julio Iglesias. But Moten started her career in the '90s as a solo artist, and she never lost sight of that dream: Fans might also know her from her time on The Voice, where she came in second place during Season 21.

Though their skill sets might not seem to have a whole lot of overlap, Moten and Lauderdale's voices pair perfectly together in "Brand New Heart," and for good reason: They're longtime mutual fans.

"I've always wanted to work with Jim Lauderdale and my dream came true when I was asked to sing 'Brand New Heart,'" she says. "...It was recorded and produced in Memphis by Boo Mitchell and is a beautiful combination of Nashville country and Memphis soul."

"To be a few feet away and singing with the amazing Wendy Moten on a great song written by the legendary Paul Williams and Wes Hamil, with these fantastic musicians, within the vibrations living in the walls of Royal Studios, with master of sound Boo Mitchell behind the board...is a dream I get to hear to know it really happened," Lauderdale adds. "I'm so grateful to be part of this."

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