The only thing better than having one Little Debbie snack cake is having TWO Little Debbie snack cakes, and the only thing better than that? Doubling up on sweet treats at a park dedicated to the confectionary queen.

Is There REALLY a Little Debbie Park?

You're not hallucinating--there really is a Little Debbie Park.

Collegedale, TennesseeMcKee Foods

What Makes This Park So Special?

Larger-than-life replicas of Nutty Buddies, Christmas Tree Cakes, and Cosmic Brownies await parkgoers at Little Debbie Park as well as a statue of Miss Debbie, who is literally ✨giving✨ with a plate of Swiss Rolls on an outstretched platter.

You'll also find pavilions perfect for picnics and playground equipment (including a zip line) where kids can work off their sugar high.

Can Anyone Visit Little Debbie Park?

Families and folks of all ages are welcome to enjoy the public park which opened on June 30, 2023. Little Debbie Park is adjacent to Collegedale Commons, the home of the city's community center and farmer's market. Watch how you park at the park, however, as the lot at Little Debbie Park is designed for maximum efficiency.

Are We in Our Little Debbie Era?

Word on the street is that she's now dropped a cookies and creme version of her iconic brownies. Truly legendary.

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