Martin Scorsese has been in the news a lot lately. Not just for the success of Killers of the Flower Moon, but also his frequent criticism of superhero movies. Time and time again, he’s decried them as “not cinema” and claimed that they’re a danger to the future of film. Whether you think he's just a snobby old director or you agree with his sentiment whole-heartedly, it’s easy to understand why those at Marvel or DC would be just a little upset.

With Season 2 of Loki currently airing on Disney+, one of the producers, Kevin Wright, recently made a statement to defend the show he's been working on.

[Loki] is being built with a lot of love and care, and an eye for the cinematic. Any of these shows, any of these movies, anything in this world is about making a character-focused story that audiences can connect with. I would challenge anyone watching to say that [this show] is not cinematic, and it’s not built with the highest craftsmanship and care. Frankly, people just want to see good stories. If you build something beautiful, [the audience is] going to enjoy it, whether it’s a show like this, or an indie film.


LOKI, Season 2

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A movie can be shot well and focus on a character and still be missing something. These projects in general aren’t really made to be art; they’re made to sell tickets. That’s kind of Disney’s game. But here’s the kicker! That's okay. Sometimes you want fast food and sometimes you want a nice, wholesome meal.

Killers of the Flower Moon is currently playing in wide release. Loki Season 2 is currently airing on Disney+.

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