Obviously the holidays are a busy time involving a lot of family gatherings with several small and major purchases adding to the stresses of our everyday life in Texas. There are all types of steals and deals for many of those purchases, but how come you never find any "Black Friday" deals for food?

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Good news, your frustrations have been heard and now answered by a popular grocery chain you find all over the Lone Star State. From November 1st through the end of the year, up to 1/2 off holiday essentials that are common ingredients in typical American family meals.

Where can you find Black Friday deals on food in Texas this holiday season?


You can find all of these deals and more at your local Aldi. If you already shop at Aldi, you may have noticed the incredible prices that were slashed last week.

This is not a new blessing from Aldi as they did the same thing last year to combat the wild inflation of food by slashing their prices back to pre pandemic 2019 prices. You can check out all the items that have been reduced in price compared to their normally current price in this article.

You will definitely find me stocking up on the charcuterie items and butter for the holidays. A lot of the staple ingredients to our favorite side dishes are also going to be available for reduced prices until the end of the year.

What is your must have dish for a family holiday meal?

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