We love music & celebrities in Texas but sometimes people might get offended by an artists sounds, words, or in some cases...actions. That has certainly happened over the years in the world of Hollywood celebrities & music. Starting off with a story that San Antonio is all too familiar with regarding the Prince of Darkness...

Ozzy Osbourne was banned after peeing on the Alamo

Yeah we've definitely heard this story before. On February 19, 1982, after a sold out gig in San Antonio, an intoxicated Ozzy came to the Alamo Cenotaph and whizzed on the historic building. Ozzy was banned from playing San Antonio for 10 years. Ozzy apologized in 2015 for urinating on the Texas landmark and it seems like everything is the past now.

Def Leppard was banned from El Paso in the 80s

Another popular act from the 80s is the rock band, Def Leppard. People in El Paso certainly remember the time we banned them from performing here after comments lead singer Joe Elliot made in September 1983. In summary, Joe made some racist slurs about El Paso when performing in Tuscon, the day after their El Paso show. When word got back to use in El Paso, fans were not happy.

All was forgiven though; El Paso still loves Def Leppard. The band came back to El Paso in 2000 and the Sun City was even able to enjoy their music again in 2023 at the Sun Bowl Stadium when they arrived with Motley Crue & Alice Cooper.

Madonna banned from Texarkana radio station

The Queen of Pop Music was not immune from being banned one from Texas radio station. After attending a Women's March in Washington D.C. in 2017, and giving a very..."family friendly" rant about President Donald Trump, the Texarkana radio station, HITS 105, removed Madonna's music from their playlists the following Tuesday. The general manger of the station said the reason why: "is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism".

If you don't remember the speech Madonna made, here's what she said so you can hear for yourself and decide if they made the right choice.

Heavy metal band Terror banned from Texas concert venue

It's not uncommon to go to a metal show & things can get pretty crazy in the mosh pit. Apparently things got TOO crazy during a Terror concert at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, Texas. The story was covered by MetalSucks, claiming the band Terror did not like the security at the venue; one security guard grabbed the mic out of the singers hand and decided to try to stop the fans. After the show, the venue even "vowed" to "ban Terror, and maybe all hardcore" after the actions seen at that concert.

Video of the incident is available to be seen online too.

Miscellaneous incidents involving Texas bands & concerts in Texas

There have been some other lesser known scenarios of artists being banned:

Obviously things have been forgiven now; most of these instances are in the past & we've moved on. But it's still a hilarious piece of both music AND United States history; let's hope none of these bans come back again.

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