Big news in the Bigfoot community! If you've ever wondered if you can legally hunt bigfoot in the great state of Texas, we'll I've got some good news for you!

Sasquatch Crossing

Whether you know it to be a Bigfoot, Sasquatch, The Horizon City Monster, or Yeti - they all reference the same mythical creature that roams forests and mountainous areas from the Pacific Northwest and Canada, all the way to Southeast Asia.

Over the centuries, thousands of eye-witnesses have reported sightings, but we have yet to find proof of its existence to this day. According to, places like Skamania County, Washington, issued an ordinance in 1984 stating that killing this “endangered species”  creature can earn you a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.


But while the state of Washington serves as a Bigfoot refuge, there's no such decree in Texas, making it completely legal to hunt and shoot down the hairy ape-like man. That's right, according to an official with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, Bigfoot isn't listed as an endangered species, so you're free to kill as many as you want... if you can find one!

Texans don't mess around, and as a matter of fact, there are reports about one gentleman who claims that he shot two Bigfoots in the 1970s.

Interestingly enough, in an episode of the Travel Channel program "In Search of Monsters," which debuted in April of 2021, The BFRO revealed the best places to see Bigfoot in America listed Texas in the top 10.

While Bigfoot may or may not exist, animal rights activists such as PETA believe the creature should be left alone and without harm instead of being hunted for exotic sport. In contrast, another school of thought believes that we'll never know what we are dealing with unless one is captured and studied and would then consider listing them under an endangered species list if need be.

So if you find yourself in Texas sasquatchin', maybe think twice if you wanna shoot it or not. Also, because so many ask, this is the standup we play on the Morning Show!

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