I think many of us can relate to this. A TikTok user who visited a Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock is going viral for sharing a genius hack his parents used while at the restaurant.

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TikTok user @razmon_the_artist shared that he took out his Mexican parents to a Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock when all of a sudden- his parents busted out a few jalapenos wrapped in a napkin. The result? Well, it doesn't look like he's going to invite them out again!

The video is, of course, meant to be taken in good humor. And as a daughter to Mexican parents, I can attest that this is totally a thing!

One time, my family and I went to a restaurant; it wasn't too fancy a place, but there were cloth napkins so it wasn't like the laid back places we loved going to. As the waiter brought out the appetizers, my mom dug into her purse and pulled out a jalapeno wrapped in a napkin! At the time I was shocked that my mom would even want to have jalapeno with fried calamari, but there she was, eating it with jalapenos!

The memory is hilarious now and I'm not the only one who could relate; many in the comments shared examples of similar things their parents did like:

One time my mom ordered a salad at Applebees and then she pulled out an avocado from her purse to add to be salad.

Genius! Extra avocado is expensive, might as well take your own! As I've grown older, the memory makes me laugh but it also makes me think it was kind of genius; so these parents are also geniuses in my mind.

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