Texas history is loaded with firsts, here are 3 of the 1st "firsts" for the lone star state.

Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836 and then joined the union in 1845. Pretty much started giving the USA some attitude right off too.

We've always had an independent, think for ourselves, "leave us be" kind of attitude ... which is why Texas so often leads the way.

Here are three more times Texas came in first, starting with the least pleasant one. Texas is known for not being exactly "reluctant" to enforce the death penalty.

I don't know that we were the first state to execute anyone but we were the first to hang a woman. (Not counting the Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts wasn't a state yet.)

Josefa “Chipita” Rodriguez ran what I guess we would call a "hostel" when she (supposedly) robbed and killed a guy with an axe.

Some say she was covering for her son. Her last words were "no soy cupable" ... "I'm not guilty" or, "I didn't do it."

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale Sentenced For The Murder Of Fusilier Lee Rigby
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On to less sinister things. Texas has the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America.

On top of having a badass reputation within pop culture, the Texas Rangers are also known as one of the longest-running law enforcement agencies. In 1823, Stephen F. Austin employed 10 men to act as rangers and protect hundreds of families that had recently settled in Texas. The rangers officially became an agency in 1835. - sacurrent

Interesting side note, Chuck Norris is an honorary Texas Ranger. So is John Wayne.

Finally, for this list anyway, we build cool stuff first too.

When we built the Houston Astrodome in 1965, it was the first indoor, domed, air conditioned stadium in the world.

A technological and construction marvel it was, at the time, called the eighth wonder of the world.

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It was torn down in 2008 because, apparently, it was about to fall down. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

Except for the Texas Rangers.

... and, quite possibly, Chuck Norris.

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