Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is going after an Austin-based business that he contends is using “false…and deceptive practices” that have victimized thousands of military veterans.

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The company is called VA Claims Insider. It’s supposed to assist veterans with their claims. Paxton says it is a racket that offers “free” services to veterans, only to lock them into exorbitant amounts of money for services that it can’t provide.

If the allegations prove true (VACI denies all the charges) the real credit for uncovering the scheme goes to the Texas Tribune. Their investigative reporting in July of 2023 detailed a slew of complaints from veterans, ranging from “slimy car salesman tactics” to out-and-out fraud.

The founder of the company, Air Force veteran Brian Reese, swears that his business is on the level and that he would NEVER cheat a fellow veteran.

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However, federal law prohibits VA claims assistance by unaccredited agents…and VA Claims Insider is NOT accredited. They admit that on their website.

Part of their disclaimer reads, “VA Claims Insider does NOT assist veterans with preparation, presentation, or prosecution of VA disability claims for VA benefits”.

So what are those exorbitant fees all about? That’s what Paxton is trying to uncover. When he isn’t busy hounding pregnant moms out of the state. In my opinion, uncovering the truth about this company is a better use of his time.

If the charges against VACI prove true, that would make this video of Brian Reese warning veterans about “claims sharks”, especially cynical.


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