When you sell out Madison Square Garden in five minutes and receive a lot (like, a lot) of attention from female fans, it's easy to become the butt of a few (friendly) jokes.

Luke Bryan is no stranger to criticism or teasing -- though most of it is in good fun. Recently, Jake Owen took a few minutes to tease the 'That's My Kind of Night' singer while on stage.

Owen did his best Luke Bryan impersonation, and surprisingly, it's pretty spot-on! The crowd cackled as the 'Days of Gold' singer talked about "arugula salad" and making "speakers go 'boom boom'."

Of course, Owen's not the only one who can put on Bryan's unique Georgia accent -- Neil Perry from the Band Perry also recently did his best Bryan impression. We're eager to see who will try next -- or even better, Bryan's awesome hip shakin' dance moves.